Which bicycle can I choose?

Almost all types, brands and models are possible at o2o!

At o2o you are completely free to choose which bicycle you want to lease. Because with your dream bike, you cycle further. Whether you like a roaring racing bicycle, a fast speed pedelec or a practical cargo bike, by bicycle you experience the ultimate feeling of freedom! And it is exactly this freedom that we extend to our range. At o2o you are free to choose your bicycle brand (including online brands Canyon and Cowboy), type and dealer.

Step 1: You visit a local bicycle dealer, preferably one that is a partner of our open network.

  • Is this not the case?

    No problem, we will send your chosen dealer an invitation to become a partner.

  • No idea yet which bicycle dealer to choose?

    You can easily find a bicycle dealer nearby with our extensive Bicycle dealer locator tool. You can search by brand, location or services provided.

Step 2: Chosen a bicycle dealer? Then the search for your dream bike can begin!

  • You have a choice of electric bicycles, speed pedelecs, city bikes, racing bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, (e-)cargo bicycles, etc. The online brands Canyon and Cowboy are also possible.
  • With such a wide range, it can be difficult to choose. Be guided by our Bicycle guide and find out which cyclist profile, bicycle type and options suit you best. On top of that, you will also receive additional tips and advice. We help you on a #smartmove!

Already know which bicycle you want? Ask for a digital offer at a bicycle dealer of choice or visit your favorite dealer.