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What about insurances?

At o2o, we put you carefree on that lease bicycle with a number of special bicycle insurances. So you can always count on your steel - or is it aluminium - steed as a faithful ally. And on top of that, these insurances are also subject to the tax advantage rate. Super convenient!

  • The damage insurance pays for the repair of the damage to the bicycle in case of an accident, fall or vandalism.
  • The theft insurance guarantees a brand new bicycle if it is stolen.
  • The breakdown assistance insurance rushes you to the rescue in case of breakdown on the road. 24/24, 7 days a week, in the entire Benelux.
  • In the event of an accident, the liability insurance compensates for all physical and material damage suffered by the other party.
  • With the warranty insurance, you extend the manufacturer's warranty until the end of the lease contract.

Only the theft and damage insurance are included, the rest is optional.

If the repair of your bicycle or the delivery of your new bike after damage or theft takes longer than 8 working days, counting from the delivery of the estimate by the bicycle dealer, it is possible to temporarily use a replacement bike, if the bicycle dealer has a replacement bike available. 

Is your bicycle damaged beyond repair or stolen and the insurance intervention is completed and the contract ended? o2o helps you quickly on your way to your new lease bicycle with a discount coupon for a new bicycle lease contract.

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