What options and accessories can I lease with my bicycle?

Options and accessories are also included in the leasing advantageously

You are obliged to lease a bicycle lock with minimum security class ART2 type U or security level 10, or a type Hiplok DXC bicycle lock inspection
level Sold Secure Diamond
with an o2o lease bicycle - so put this type of lock on the offer as well. On top of that, the lock should allow you to anchor your bicycle to an external object.

Your lease bicycle remains the property of o2o during the entire lease period and our insurance company requires you to put a lock on the offer, so you can lock the bicycle safely at all times.

All options and accessories attached to your bicycle (like GPS, bicycle bags, lights) can be included in the lease inexpensively.  A helmet as an accessory is always possible.

Upgrades, such as a carbon wheelset, are allowed. Attention: 2 wheel sets are not allowed, so an aluminium and a carbon wheel set are not possible. This is not allowed by law and is considered a disguised 'benefit in kind'.

The following accessories are not allowed:

  • Any form of clothing. Fluorescent vests are an exception.
  • Spare parts such as bicycle tyres or a repair kit. Everything related to the maintenance or repair of your bicycle can be purchased with your service budget as soon as your bicycle is delivered.

Extra tip: take a look at our Bike guide and find out which options & accessories suit your cycling style!