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What in case of breakdown on the road?

You can find all the information about the breakdown assistance in the Services section of our myo2o Biker tool. Log into myo2o Biker and download our handy Breakdown Service sheet.

Attention! You can only use the breakdown assistance after you have activated it. Check this in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Are you having trouble with your bicycle? Our partner VAB, one of the largest players in the field of bicycle assistance, will help you get back on the road quickly.

Call directly the unique number for o2o Company Bike Lease Assistance +32 (0)3 253 61 87 (not valid for AG Insurance customers) and provide the following information:

•The Bicycle ID number - look for this number on your bicycle sticker or in myo2o Biker.

• Your name and the name of your employer.

• The make/model of your bicycle.

• The place where you are stranded.


• If the VAB road guard cannot make your bicycle roadworthy again on site, you can transport your bicycle free of charge. VAB takes your bicycle (and you) to the place most suitable for the repair.

• Has your bicycle been stolen? Then VAB organizes the transport to your departure or arrival place up to a maximum amount of €80. This is only possible if you can demonstrate that you have taken all precautions to limit the risk of theft as much as possible and if you have reported it to the police.

Did you pass on the breakdown? The VAB road guard tries to get to you as quickly as possible. You will receive an SMS from VAB announcing the estimated time of arrival and you will receive a link to follow up the waiting time. Very handy!

Please note: payment for parts or interventions not included in the breakdown assistance cannot be made via the service budget. The corresponding costs will be invoiced directly.

Check the General terms and conditions for more information on the Exclusions of this breakdown assistance.